Storing grain, feed and all kind of materials in silos is surely a better option. First of all – silos are adjusted to storing all kind of granular materials, and as you know – a lot of werehouses are not. You can be sure, that storing feed in silo demands lower costs than storing it in werehouse. Using a silo, assembling costs and costs of maintence are lower, which makes it overall less expensive. Another advantage is surface for storage. Werehouses are horizontal and silos are vertical, which requires less ground space. Also we believe that our silos are way easier to use, it is really easy to keep them clean which makes them even more functional.

We sell grain silos, feed silos and hopper silos. All of them are great for feed, grain and granural materials storage.

We produced hundreds of silos for customers all around the world, we are the biggest silo manufacturer in Poland. We received a lot of diplomas and distinctions that prove our quality. We believe that our mission is to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We treat every client individually which makes our service smooth and fast. We will be more than happy to solve all your problems related to silo choice, storage etc.

You can install it on the concrete platform with anchor bolts, fodder outlet has standard size 44cm.

We ship all around Europe.

It all depends about your requirements. If you need to store a lot of grain, we would logically recommend grain silo. If you are looking for a place to store some feed then you should choose grain silo. For any kind of granural materials we recommend hopper silos, but you should know that all type of silos from Silowave, are ready to store any kind of granural materials. If you have trouble choosing silo type, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.